Hi. I'm Coryn and I have been enamored by photography since the first time I stepped into a dark room and the world opened up to me. From that day to this one now, I have been a chaser of light. 

But who am I? Let's see. I am an East Coast girl living in the heart of the Southwest. I miss grass and rivers but I have to admit the desert glow is something that is incomparable. I like Sundays. I am quite obviously a redhead and easily fall into every stereotype that surrounds the trait. Flowers make me smile. So does coffee. I live to create. I have two crazy kids and an amazing husband that above all else are my "why?."

I've had a very eclectic career that has lead me all over the world and back home again. I am most at ease with a camera in my hand and sunshine at my back. Above all, I believe memories are worth saving. Let's make something beautiful.

About me:

I saw an Angel in the stone and carved to set it free.

~ Michelangelo

Coryn answered any questions we had, made everything as simple as it could be, and honestly just made it so easy to trust her. That trust is well received and well earned.

_ Abigail 

My family and friends have my heart. They will always be my number one in this world.


Don't make me chose.
I don't know which I like better.
Really it's a toss up.

Coffee + wine + film

There is nothing like fresh flowers. They have the capability of changing one's entire day and I love them.


As a professional photographer and artist, my favorite part of anything in life is the details. The small things are what make the rest of it worth it.

The Details

What I love Most:

If you understand that life happens once and it is ours for the taking, you just may have found your home. Driven, passionate and loyal. You know it is the details matter. After everything else from your perfectly planned day fades you will always be able to look back at your images with grace and dream once again.

Chasers of beauty and seekers of light, Adventurous souls looking past what the world has offered you onto what you may offer the world. 

I was born in Stowe, Vermont and I loved every second of growing up in the mountains. Every childhood memory I have involves running in fields, chasing fireflies, riding horses or skiing until the sun was setting. Those were the days, huh? I knew early on that art was also a huge part of who I was. I always liked to draw and create and loved the theater. When I was 14, I stepped into a dark room for the first time and my world changed. I loved the smell of the film, the process of developing and of course the feeling when you finally stepped back into the light and got to see what you created. I lost hours in that dark room.

When high school ended, I continue on to Union College in Schenectady, NY. I tell you what, I don't need to redo high school but I would do college again in a second. I chose Union for many reasons. It was only 4 hours from home, I could play field hockey on turf, they had a term abroad to England where I could study Shakespeare (I never have claimed to be cool) and they had a great liberal arts curriculum. I was sold. 

My Journey

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I will spare you all the details but I was able to do all those thing in college and it was great. I again lost way too many hours in the dark room but the dark room there was huge and cool and had all the good toys. I completed college with a degree in English Literature and a dual minor in Photography and Classical Civilization. Remember the cool comment yeah not winning any awards there but I can read ancient Greek to you if you like.

Now here is where my path diverges. I loved art but always wanted to work in the movies. So I moved to NYC and became a page at NBC. You know Kenneth from 30 Rock? Yeah that was me. Lots of tours, coffee runs and elevator trips to pick up SNL hosts later and I never thought I would leave. I went on to work for the Olympics and then finally MTV in Talent + Development. I loved every second of my time in New York and would probably still be there is not for a guy from my past showing back up.

Paths diverge...

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Love is love and there is not much that can be done about that. I had been in NYC for 6 years and it was time for a new adventure. New Mexico has now been my home for 12 years.

When I first moved here I continued to work in film. I worked in production on many movies and then as a Show Producer for a television network all while doing photography on the side. Life happens and 16 hour days with both my husband and I traveling every other week was not something I personally could continue to maintain and introduce kids into the equation the way we wanted to.  

I started my own business as a Event Producer and Photographer. Eventually, I got too busy the 16 hour days were back and my husband told me to just choose one. Photography won and I have not looked back since. It was one of the best decisions of my life.  I love capturing love and creating everyday. It is what makes my heart full and I can't wait to share it with you. 

Tale as old as time...

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