"From the first time I corresponded with Coryn, I knew I would love her. She took great care in making sure our vision for our engagement photos was met. Her light and airy style was exactly what we were looking for. "

"Coryn Kiefer Photography is one of the best choices my husband and I ever made! Everything from our first conversation to the actual Wedding Day was seamless."

Your Story should be told, captured, and celebrated.



Customized collections start at $3,000 with our average couple investing $3,500-$6,500

No two love stories follow the same path just as no two weddings should look exactly the same. Through custom wedding collections, I work with each couple or your planner to make sure you are getting all of what you need and nothing that you don't. 

By focusing on just what you need and developing a relationship built on trust we can then start to make your magical wedding come to life.

Weddings + Elopements



So you have a soft spot in your heart for adventure + travel? Yeah, us too. 

Our destination package includes everything our regular wedding packages do it just happens to be in a your hometown, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy....you get the idea. If you want to get married there we will be there too! Your quote will include all of our air travel, hospitality and accommodations. No hidden fees, like ever.

There is a big old place in our heart for the Green Mountains.
Vermont Weddings Start at $3,500

Destination Weddings 

Customized collections start at  $4,000



Portraits capture a moment in time and we love sharing those moments with you. So no matter what moment you are celebrating this year be it an engagement, a pregnancy or just an update to your family portraits we are there for you!

These sessions happen outdoors or in your home. The location is up to you!

When our calendar allows we do offer the occasional mini session days and you can reach out to request a notification for those as they do go on a first come first serve basis.

Portrait Sessions


It is not easy to put your brand into a box and sending it out. The first step in a branding session it to sit down and figure out what you need to make that the cleanest most perfect fitting box for you. I love brainstorming with my clients to figure out if what they need is just a simple update to some headshots or a full rebrand for their website. Some companies need a one time shoot and some need monthly updates. I do it all!

Let's just get coffee and figure it out!

Brands+ Business

Thoughtful planning, preparation and open communication are the cornerstones of any successful business. I strive to deliver an authentic luxury experience from our initial meeting until your gallery is delivered.

communication + Guidance


I have worked with everyone from celebrities at the top of their game to interns just starting out. I can read a room and I know the importance of subtly and strength and when to use each. I can blend into the background while still directing the flow of the day and never miss a beat.



It is the small things that you remember. The way your grandma's necklace fit just right or how you best friend cried while to zipping up your dress. It takes practice and experience to see these moments when they are happening and to capture them forever. You can be confident, I got you.

Attention to Detail


Film is my first love. It is not trendy or manipulated. It's creamy backgrounds and romantic colors are everything timeless photos should be and are the aim for all my digital and film work. You should love your photos today, tomorrow and when you show them to your grandkids. Classic never goes out of style.

Timeless Film inspired photos


I decided long ago that I was not interested in booking 80 + weddings a year. To me you then become a number and I don't like that. I keep my weddings selective. You will never be a number on my calendar or a price tag on a spread sheet with me. Your wedding is too important for that.

boutique Service


I did not pick up a camera one day and decide to be a photographer. I have been working on my craft my whole life and you can be confident I know where the light is, how you should hold you head and just what is going to make you photos shine.



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