Destination Wedding Photographer Coryn is local to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Vermont traveling often within New England, New York, Texas and destinations worldwide.

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Colorful Indian Wedding in Asheville, NC

June 28, 2023

  1. Lori Bremner says:

    Hi there! I’m Lori with Swags Design! Beautiful pictures! Great job capturing Vinay and Sarah’s beautiful day! I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sending over some shots of the draping for me to feature? Thank you so much!!!

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About Coryn

I have been enamored by photography since the first time I stepped into a dark room and the world opened up to me. From that day to this one now, I have been a chaser of light. 

I am an East Coast girl currently living in the heart of the Southwest. I miss grass and rivers, but I have to admit the desert glow is something that is incomparable. I like Sundays. I am quite obviously a redhead and easily fall into every stereotype that surrounds the trait. Flowers make me smile. So does coffee. I live to create. I have two crazy kids and an amazing husband that above all else are my "why?".

I've had a very eclectic career that has led me all over the world and back home again. I am most at ease with a camera in my hand and sunshine at my back. Above all, I believe memories are worth capturing.

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